Our team of public health inspectors prevents, minimizes, and removes hazards to keep public places safe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our work focuses on the safe return and operation of schools. 

We offer these services:

  • Expert advice on how to implement routine public health practices, including guidance on cleaning and disinfecting, handwashing, indoor air quality, and other preventive measures
  • Consultations and approvals for food services in schools, and routine inspections of permitted food services (e.g., cafeterias, canteens, breakfast programs, and food preparation areas)
  • Guidance on how schools can cope with emergencies, like:
  • Sampling and testing for safe drinking water
  • Expert advice on HVAC systems and indoor air quality
  • Information and referrals for students and families needing support with:
    • Rental housing health and safety (e.g., bed bugs in the home)
    • Indoor air quality at home (e.g., issues of mould, asbestos or radon)
    • Quality child care


We also offer training and resources on common questions. Here are some of our most popular materials for schools:

Alberta food safety basics online learning module

Alberta food safety facts teacher resource kit, grades 7 - 12

Food safety Alberta certification in-person training

To reach the public health inspector for your school, use our online form to contact AHS Environmental Public Health or call 1-833-476-4743.

For more information, visit our website.


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