Our teen wellness articles offer practical advice for parents and caregivers of teens in junior or senior high school (grades 7-12).

Schools and school authorities are welcome to share these articles with parents in newsletters, bulletin boards, and other communications.

We've organized our library of articles by topic below:

Mental health

Talking with your teen about Orange Shirt Day

Many parents and caregivers struggle to talk about residential schools. It’s challenging, emotional, and hard to reckon with. There is a lot of hurt. This Orange Shirt Day, commit to having conversations with your kids about residential schools. It’s not easy, but it’s important. Here’s how to get started.

How to help your teen with school changes

Back-to-school changes can be intimidating. Teens like to know what to expect, so it’s natural for them to be curious (and even worried) about what the school year will look like. Your support will help them feel confident, capable, and secure.

When life goes virtual: Tips to help your teen stay well with screens

These days, it might seem like your teen is always on a screen—a smart phone, tablet, TV, computer, video game, or other tech device. In these unusual times, be there to help them navigate their online experiences.

Bullying: 5 ways to help your teen

Bullying is never okay. It’s not a normal part of growing up. As a parent or caregiver, here are some important ways to prevent and address bullying.

Rise and shine! Healthy sleep habits for teens

Sleep is especially important for teens. Get tips on how to form healthy sleep habits for you and your teen.

5 ways to be well at home

Feeling stuck at home? Make a family plan for wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get started with these tips.

Cultivating kindness

Acts of kindness have been shown to help students learn and do well at school, and to lower their stress. Try these ideas to cultivate kindness!

4 healthy habits to help teens fall back into routine

Help your teen learn and practice planning and time-management skills. They're tools for mental health!


Food marketing and your teen

Food marketing is incredibly powerful. It can influence the food and drinks teens ask for, buy, choose, and consume. Help your teen stand up to food marketing with these tips.

Healthy eating in stressful times

Stress can disrupt our eating habits.  Here are some tips to help your teen and family make healthy eating a priority.

Physical activity

Cold weather life hacks

Winter weather is a reality in Alberta, so braving the elements is an essential life skill for teens. It can be tough to venture out in the face of cold, wind, snow, and ice—but it’s important! Use these tips to help your teen and family stay active as temperatures drop.

Walk. Roll. Repeat.

Active travel can help teens build skills they can use for life, like planning and time management. It can also help them gain independence, and find joy in physical activity. Here’s what teens can do to walk or wheel this summer, and what you can do to help. 

Activate your teen in the great outdoors

There’s a clear link between spending time outside and our overall sense of well-being. Try these tips to activate your teen in nature.

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