We use evidence-based training and resources to help teachers and school staff learn the four pillars of mental health literacy:

  • Understanding how to foster and maintain strong mental health
  • Understanding mental health disorders and their treatments
  • Decreasing stigma
  • Connecting students so they can get the support they need

Our training is offered in partnership with school authorities in Alberta, and beyond. It has been shown to help educators identify student mental health needs early, and to improve the quality of referrals made. 

Video courtesty of MentalHealthLiteracy.orgUsed with permission.

These training options are available virtually (and potentially in-person) for the 2023/24 school year:

  • Go-To Educator Training: A full-day workshop for school staff about how to identify, support, and refer students showing signs of mental health problems or mental disorders. This workshop can be focused on supporting students in elementary school or middle school, junior high, and high school.
  • Facilitator Training: A two-day virtual train-the-trainer workshop for designated school authority staff. This training equips participants to offer mental health literacy sessions in their school authority.
  • Core Training: Three days of traning for school counsellors and others looking for a clinically-focused, in-depth review of mental disorders and supports for students. This training equips participants to offer mental health literacy sessions in their school authority.

Our team is also available to consult with school authorities on mental health strategic planning and mental health literacy implementation. We may be able to provide sessions for parents and caregivers in schools that have adopted the mental health literacy approach. To learn more about our training and resources, visit our website.

To learn about specific training options in your school authority, talk to your designated mental health lead.

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