Our child wellness articles offer practical advice for parents and caregivers of children in elementary school (grades K-6).

Schools and school authorities are welcome to share these articles with parents in newsletters, bulletin boards, and other communications.

We've organized our library of articles by topic below:

Mental health

Talking with your child about Orange Shirt Day

Many parents and caregivers struggle to talk about residential schools. It’s challenging, emotional, and hard to reckon with. There is a lot of hurt. This Orange Shirt Day, commit to having conversations with your kids about residential schools. It’s not easy, but it’s important. Here’s how to get started.

How to help your child head back to class

Back-to-school changes can be intimidating. Kids like to know what to expect, so it’s natural for them to be curious (and even worried) about what the school year will look like. Your support will help them feel confident, capable, and secure. 

Online and connected: How to help your child stay well in our virtual world

In these unusual times, focus on what your kids are doing on their screens, instead of dwelling on how much time they’re putting in. Be there to help them navigate their online experiences.

Bullying: How to help your child

Bullying is never okay. It’s not a normal part of growing up. As a parent or caregiver, here are some important ways to prevent and address bullying.

Rise and shine! Healthy sleep habits for children

It’s important to know that we deserve a good night’s rest! To promote healthy sleep habits in the home, the first step is to reflect on your own sleep.

5 easy ways to cultivate wellness at home

Feeling stuck at home? Make a family plan for wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Get started with these tips.

Cultivating kindness

The benefits of kindness are remarkable! Acts of kindness have been shown to help students learn and do well at school, and to lower their stress. Try these ideas to cultivate kindness.

4 healthy habits to help kids fall back into routine

Healthy routines help bring predictability  and a stable rhythm to our ‘new normal.’ When your kids know what to expect, their sense of security and their confidence both improve.



Resist the sales pitch

Food marketing can be especially hard for kids to spot, yet incredibly powerful.  Here are some ways to limit food marketing for your child, and to help them recognize it.

Healthy eating in stressful times

Stress can disrupt our eating habits. Here are some tips to bring your family together in the kitchen. You'll reset the focus on eating well!

Physical activity

Whatever the weather!

Some kids need more support than others to brave the elements, but everyone benefits from heading out into the cold, wind, or snow. Use these tips to keep your family keep active outdoors, whatever the weather! 

Walk and roll with your kids during COVID-19

There’s never been a better time  get your family moving with active travel —walking or running, or using gear like bikes, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, strollers, and wheel chairs.

Activate your family in the great outdoors

There’s a clear link between spending time outside and our overall sense of well-being. Here are some fun ways to spark outdoor unstructured play with your child.

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